Red Hot

 The Grapes are in — Harvest 2015 Has Begun!

After months of diligent work in the vineyard, our team has begun to bring in our Schrader Cabernet grapes and deliver them to the winery. Our winemaker Thomas Brown works hand-in-hand with the team at Beckstoffer Vineyards to ensure that our grapes are picked at optimal ripeness and maturity. We begin hand-picking our grapes at 2AM when the vineyard temperatures are at their coldest point to optimize grape structure and quality often finishing right before the break of dawn. Once picked, the grapes arrive at the winery where our rockstar A-team sorts through the clusters selecting only the finest grapes to go into the fermentation tanks and ultimately into your glass.

We are truly excited about the potential of this vintage and will keep you up to date as the young wines move through fermentation. One thing is for sure — Harvest 2015 is off to a great start!