This quest led Fred directly to the office of legendary grape grower W. Andrew Beckstoffer. The partnership began with a small, but stunning selection of vine rows in the historic Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard. As the years clipped by, we expanded our reach in the vineyard, and today the finest blocks are dedicated to growing Schrader Cabernet.

The next component in Fred’s plan was finding a stellar winemaker to craft his wines. Having recently met a young talent working in a fine wine shop in Calistoga, Fred approached the prodigious Thomas Rivers Brown about joining his new Cabernet project.

Thomas had just moved to the valley from South Carolina and showed a great passion for winemaking. The biggest challenge — he had never made a bottle of Cabernet, only Zinfandel. Where others may have been daunted, Fred saw this as an opportunity to begin with a clean slate.

Saturday, August 3, 2013 - 11:00