In the days leading up to the auction, the London television and newspaper media featured numerous stories on the historic cigars, highlighting the fact that they had surfaced more than 50 years after their slient tenure in storage.

The question that ran through our minds, "Was there anyone else out there in the running or were we in this race by ourselves?" Only auction day could answer that question.

At last, the big day came and after fending of a slew of bidders, Fred emerged victorious at the sale. With the goods in hand, the challenge was how to get them home. Working in the proper channels, Fred and the cigars boarded a plane and met a very nice man at the Los Angles office of Homeland Security, an official who inspected to documents and thankfully cleared them for entry. Though it took a year to bring the cigars home, Fred has no doubt that it was worth the wait. The last remaining question — will Fred ever channel Winston and smoke one?

Monday, August 5, 2013 - 00:00