Always On The Hunt

A passion for antiques was cultivated early in Fred's life when friend and mentor Gerald Randolph, an executive at Ford Motor Company, took him under his wing. Introducing him to the world of art, wine, cigars, and the finer things, Randolph also taught young Fred about the importance of making a good deal in addition to how to buy and sell treasures.

Internalizing these important lessons, Fred went on to become a successful art dealer, handling major collections as well as negotiating purchases and trades around the world.

Following a tip that a rare 1953 Jaguar C-type sports car coming up for sale at Bonham's, Fred traveled to Boston to view the car in person. The vintage speedster previously belonged to an avid car collector and aficionado, a circumstance that left it in pristine condition.

Thursday, August 1, 2013 - 00:45