Given to play and sleep with an insatiable appetite for snuggling, baby Rocky was everything Carol and Fred had hoped for. A tad bit bigger than the rest of his siblings and sporting a badass cowlick on his forehead, he was a standout from their first meeting and the Schraders knew he was the one.

Completely smitten, the pair headed straight for the local puppy playland to stock up on squeaky toys and baby bones for their bundle of joy. While it is not verified, rumors abound that Petco stock took and ticked up in the weeks before Rocky's arrival at the Schrader home.

At three weeks old with eyes wide open and his sweet little puppy tummy full exposed, Rocky was the dearest thing the Schraders had ever met. Hours were spent sitting on the floor playing with shoelaces and socks, balls and water bottles, anything to draw the attention of their furry little friend.

Saturday, August 3, 2013 - 00:45