Love At First Sight

While the choice to expand a family may be a long discussion for many folks, for Carol and Fred the decision was easy. Dog lovers from way back, once the puppy urge hit, the couple instantly knew that a Golden Retriever would be next to bear the Schrader name.

Both were excited at the prospect of bringing a furry friend into their lives, though neither had a clue about how to meet their perfect puppy. Fortunately, destiny intervened.

Carol and Fred were in Monterey, CA for a car race just before the Thanksgiving holiday. While at their hotel, Carol met a very friendly couple with a darling puppy. As sweet as could be and completely irresistible, Carol asked if she could say 'hello' to the pup. From the first scratch of the puppy’s soft coat, Carol felt an instant connection.

Thursday, August 1, 2013 - 11:45