Interestingly, the signature produce of the region is zucchini that when prepared by Chef Mellino — using his just-made pasta, gobs of fresh butter, and heavy cream — hardly resembled the vegetable we serve at home on Thursday nights. Deliciously light, yet sinfully rich, the lunch marked the first time Fred had ever asked for a second serving of 'vegetables'.

To our delight, Chef Mellino prepared course after course of spectacular savories that perfectly complemented the elegance and finesse of the fine Italian wines.

In the spirit of international sharing, we brought some of our Napa Valley wines to share with Chef Mellino and Sommelier Gianfranco. While more fruit forward than the vintage Barolos we chose for the meal, the intensity and purity of our wines paired beautifully with the vibrancy of the brilliant cuisine.

Saturday, August 3, 2013 - 00:45