Fireball Fred

Long before he entered the world of wine, Fred Schrader found a love for fast cars.

Fred got his first taste of racing at the early age of 12 when, under the guidance of his car-aficionado father Carl, he constructed his soapbox derby race car. With his hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida lacking the necessary hills for derby racing, father and son were forced to travel to regional competitions in Tampa to try their luck at the races.

After nearly two decade on hiatus, Fred had the opportunity to reconnect with racing in the Formula Ford series. Defined by a tubular construction and four cylinder engines, Fred traveled the East Coast circuit and raced at marquee tracks including Sebring, Daytona, Palm Beach, Limrock, Bridgehampton, Bryar and Watkins Glen.

Thursday, August 1, 2013 - 10:15