Schrader Hispañiola

A lifetime lover of fine cigars, Fred realized that if he applied the same principle to cigars that he applied to wine — using the best quality tobaccos, master blenders, and experienced rollers — he would be able to fulfill his dream of creating a world-class smoke that offered great flavor and complexity. So was the birth of Schrader Hispañiola, the ultimate Cuban-inspired cigar engineered to burn smoothly while delivering rich, powerful flavor to the palate.

In a chance meeting at a charity event, Fred was introduced to and became fast friends with Michael 'The Herk' Herklots, Executive Director of Nat Sherman in New York. Besides being a fellow cigar aficionado, Michael had extensive connections in the tobacco community of the Dominican Republic, including at the famed Para Ti cigar factory. Immediately, Fred fired up and set out to put his plan into action.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013 - 10:00